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Office of Treasurer

Office of Treasurer


  • Develop and maintain appropriate financial accounting methods and processes
  • Maintain adequate financial internal control procedures for acquisition, retention and disposal of University's physical assets
  • Maintain adequate internal control procedures for University's assets, liabilities and finances
  • Invest University funds within established approved guidelines
  • Participate in development and maintenance of annual operating budget
  • Prepare the annual audited financial statements
  • Perform sample audits and post-audit/reviews of University business processes and transactions

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establishing university accounting standards and procedures
  • Creating and maintaining financial policies in collaboration with the university community
  • Communicating all major financial procedures and processes to the university community in an effective and consistent method across all funds
  • Communicating and responding to issues raised by other departments within established timelines
  • Providing expertise on accounting and tax issues
  • The annual external audit(s) and the preparation of the audited financial statements
  • All external financial reporting, excluding research
  • Processing payments and transactions through the financial system (including the HST recovery) within established timelines
  • Working with departments to resolve exceptions or disputes in order to maintain the University’s reputation (e.g. disputes with suppliers, outstanding advances)
  • Approving and processing budget and journal entries based on published guidelines
  • Managing the University’s accounts receivable (including billings and collections)
  • Being the single liaison with the University’s banks, University-appointed external auditors and insurance and investment brokers, and manages all arrangements with these service providers
  • Managing the University's financial systems and implementing and monitoring the related internal controls
  • Collaborating with the university community on all major information system development which involves business/financial process changes
  • Providing training to Faculty Financial Officers, Executive Officers and designated administrators in academic support units on financial matters (train-the-trainer approach)
  • Communicating with the primary single point of contact in each faculty (i.e. FFO) and academic support unit (designated administrator) when dealing with financial matters
  • Performing post audits on financial transactions to ensure compliance (e.g. purchasing card)
  • Reviewing internal audits conducted across departments to help address business/financial process deficiencies
  • Providing reporting on all University accounts to end users including month end and other ad hoc reports
  • Recording and reporting on capital assets


  • Phone: +92-52357518-20

    Ext: 119


The Office of Treasurer strives everyday to provide accurate financial information throughout the organization with a great deal of integrity and reliability. As such it is our duty to enable our stakeholders, managers and employees to access timely and precise financial information with the utmost confidence in its accuracy and conformity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principle and other national and international industry standards.


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Email: info@uskt.edu.pk
Phone: +92-523575518-20