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Office of Research


  • To strengthen the transfer of information and knowledge, delivered to the students in the classrooms, research labs and during formal discussion sessions
  • QEC is tasked with planning, guiding, promoting and continuous monitoring quality assurance (QA) and quality enhancement (QE) activities in the campus
  • QEC plays a crucial and driving role to improve the university regional ranking
  • It act as a gateway for information flow among various professional councils and HEC
  • To meet the international standards of academic progress
  • To organize professional training programs to train the faculty towards excellence
  • Developing evaluation methods and to evaluate department and institutional assessments
  • Ensure that the services provided at the university are compatible with the standards and the bench marks set forth by the university management


The university true to the innovative spirit of its founders is alive to the cause of research and development. The breadth, depth, and assortment of research activities in the university have contributed to the national socio-economic stream.

In the same vein, to channelize research-led initiatives, ORIC has been established. It provides services linked to research and development, innovation, commercialization, collaboration, capacity building and facilitates researchers in the processing of the grants.


The Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) will accelerate the pace of high-quality research by fostering linkages and communication between research intellectuals, professionals, promoting innovation and assuring adherence to ethical and regulatory standards.
Our primary goals are continual success of the University as an internationally valued research source.


Research is used as an academic dialogue, to include not only the diverse activities relating to publication, performance and presentation. ORIC's mission is:
  • To support and facilitate faculty and students efforts to expand the area of human knowledge, creativity and forms of expression, particularly in those disciplines in which University awards the graduate an M. Phil. degree.
  • To contribute to improvements in professional practice through dissemination of research knowledge.
  • To serve as a resource and depository for information and knowledge-base.
  • To engage in research to contribute to development of Social Sciences, professional practice and technology.


  • Educate faculty about university research policy and process grant requests
  • Develop, maintain and communicate pre and post-award administrative procedures for externally sponsored projects
  • Support faculty regarding contracts, progress reports, and other sponsor grants actions
  • Connect faculty and students with prospective industrial partners
  • Assist students, faculty and alumnus in pursuit of technological or social innovations
  • Mentor the promising start-ups during the initial period when they are most susceptible
  • Assist on patent filing and licensing
  • Continually keep web and social media presence to share the latest research, scholarship, and entrepreneurial opportunities


  • Director of ORIC

    Prof Dr Ahmad Mukhtar Khalid

  • Rehana John


  • Phone: +92-523575518-20

      Ext.: 121


1-Km Main
Daska Road, Sialkot


Phone: +92-523575518-20